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Support brancard BOB MULTILEVEL 4

Support brancard BOB MULTILEVEL 4

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Non-deformable and anti-scratch surface in
extruded aluminium
Its height can be set to 4 levels
without major interventions
Fewer types of stretchers needed,
since you can adjust the height of the
stretcher support
Neither screws nor welding on the surface
prevents fluids penetration
Protected/coated side edges protect the top
Sideway movement increases mobility inside
the ambulance
The installation of the device is easy and
Available with either 1 or 2 extractable trays for
spine boards or scoop stretchers.

BOB Multilevel 4 is a patented multi-level stretcher support system for self-loading ambulance stretchers, designed
to improve stretcher loading and unloading tasks.
Its main advantage over similar devices is the option of adjusting its overall height by simply regulating the 6 screws
positioned on its side. There is no need at all to disassemble the device or replace spare parts when - for whatever
reason - the loading height of the multilevel support has to be changed.

BOB Multilevel 4 is compact and requires very little maintenance over the years. Its top surface is waterproof, anti-
scratch and anti-rust, as it is made in extruded aluminium. Neither screws nor welding are fitted on the surface, so to

prevent fluids from getting within the device.
Two models of BOB Multilevel 4 are available, depending on the number of removable polyethylene trays within it (1 or
2). These trays can house spine boards, scoop stretchers or other immobilization devices. It can be moved sideways
to increase the mobility and space available within the ambulance.